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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 13, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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sirius and online and fox news there is lots of ways to get it. they'll figure it out. this guy is over the shock of the president getting re-elected but i'm not so sure. >> tom: you have to laugh, too. i don't think he is doing well. thanks for your comments. we're open for business 24 hours a day. check out our facebook page. my twitter address is sullivan radio and all the way to contact me is ony main website. make sure and tune into the radio show. we're on many local radio stations around the country.
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every weekday from 3:00 to 6:00. we will see you next week. >>ood evening. i m. lowrie rothman. america's longest war is closer to an end. obama set in motion a reversal of policy to negotiate with terrorists. you heard correctly that includes talking to a group that is accused of aiding international terrorist. that was at a joint news conference today with a news conference with karzai. both are putting there support for the support role this spring and reconciliation talks with the television. >> ultimately security gains
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should be matched with political progress of real reconciliation progress with the afghan government and television. president karzai updated me on the road map to peace and we agreed the process we should open the television office to facilitate talks. >> but the readiness of the army is closed but they're showing that they're able to operate without the assistance of the u.s. and violence is higher than the surge from two years ago. also insider tax last year there were 45 attacks resulting in 62 deaths among the coalition forces compared to 65 the previous year.
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but the president did not answer how many will remain in afghanistan after next year. that announcement could take weeks. although the preference is your than 10,000 troops. we will take this up with john bolton but our guest will help us break down the nomination of heading the treasury to part of. also dr. keith tableau will tell us if violent video games are decent the tying -- desensitizing us to real violence. also the search for political and legal solutions for gun violence violence, the vice president says he will hand over recommendations to the president next week despite claiming there is no silver bullet solution but the second amendment has a
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ripple effect but carl cameron has more. >> guns and ammunition flying out the doors nationwide as the obama administration consummate wraps up. >> people are just scared. that they could not buy them. they thought about getting them now they decided is the time. >> background checks were 2.7 billion and 19 million during 2012. the united -- white house wants to eliminate background checks and restrict high-capacity magazines. >> i agree with the large capacity magazines. >> over the last 20 days the nra says one of a dozen people joined out of fear of new debt restrictions. they suspect of four-point to million membership will
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balloon up to 5 million. and they have declared dead national debt appreciation day for people to rally with signs that say hands off my guns. guns rates groups active donating over $20 million to causes. gun-control -- contributed less than any time in 20 years. $4,000 total. the white house tries to level the playing field by tapping richest -- religious leaders, community leaders and teachers for a town hall rally like the campaign. mayor bloomberg reports 500 on negative board in thousand members since the attack on connecticut including another whose daughter was killed two years ago.
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>> when we find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby ? >> debbie deferreds was a primary attack and nearly killed. she has established a political action committee to raise $20 million to catch up suzy pro-gun side financing. >> turning back to afghanistan $641 billion was spent over the last decade. we're spending $28 million per day. the number of american soldiers killed is more than 2100. despite this cost our guest believes the president's plan to reduce troops at this point* only opens the door to the television taking over. joining us now is ambassador john bolton. wonderful to have you. it seems to be clearer for
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our allies to negotiate with terrorist? >> exactly. the television scene the decline of the evidence of the desire to get out faster. they simply bide their time from what is left of the afghan government and this announcement today is a bad decision by the president but only the latest that do risk to put that sacrifice we have made in a position we cannot sustain what we have accomplished. lori: and it is worth repeating. what did we get out of our position there? >> revenge against caliban and i cried for killing
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3,000 americans on 9/11. we give them a chance but unfortunately we have to get used to the fact the tears several long time frame. we did not want to be attacked. we did not do anything to these people in afghanistan. but do you want to confront terrorism where it resides or where we reside? gerri: so this makes us foldable if it causes a ripple effect if the allies are negotiating with tomas? >> they see this as a weakness. we have caused grave damage. summit in london is dead but if they retake the control it is just a matter of time before a guy gets back on its feet and the risk imposed by a kited before
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9/11 using afghanistan as a base welcome back to haunt us again. that has to do with pakistan. if the radicals take pakistan the government will be vulnerable and if the radicals takeover, not just a base for terrorism budng control of over 60 nuclear weapons to make them an instant threat. lori: 66,000 troops in afghanistan, a government cover-up, security forces cannot fight on their own own, with the president favors a the drawdown? what is the appropriate presence? >> the president does not think the terrorists are a threat. he said the global war and terrorism is over.
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he thinks the appropriate number iszero. we're not there to benefit the afghans by ourselves. we would never make afghanistan into a western-style nation and karzai said the tours will be coming soon. i n't think so. be right back where we were. lori: then is it an utter failure? there is a legitimate threat of terrorism in afghanistan. >> absolutely. it is the longest war in history but it was not fought with the intensity of world war ii or the civil war. it is because they have a long time horizon.
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so we need presidential leadership. president has not provided that. americans are prepared for sacrifices but we need an national conversation but had a lack of leadership with the presidential level. lori: will this be, pounded with the confirmation of the new secretary of defense? >> yes. that will be an interesting confirmation hearing. lori: would be reciprocated you had a vote? to make i think the president showed deference with his nomination to the cabinet and senior administration but that has not been the case in a long time. that is the wrong way to approach these things. lori: we appreciate your analysis.
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ambassador john bolton. much more with afghanistan coming up with the "a team". call of duty, and mortal kombat, are these violent video games poisoning the
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lori: john lonski is here with the look of the market's and today's unexpected widening of the
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trade gap. look at what happened on wall street. it was flat not even with the bad news of a the trade gap in november. the dow nasdaq entire but the recipe and change. volume over 3 billion shares. for the week the s&p raised o when 4% but the nasdaq was zero point* 8%. wells fargo kicked off earnings and disappointed by announcing a narrower margin. bank of america and jpmorgan and citigroup will report next week. 787 reminder had the faa saying it will conduct a special review of the reminder. officials say they believe the plane is safe.
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boeing stock is down today almost 3 percent for the week. gold is down $17.30 but still up $11.90 with a six week losing streak. money flowing into stocks that equity funds took in 18 point* $3 billion that is the largest flow into equities since 2008. joining me now john it is great to see you. people start snoring with the trade gap but it talks about a bigger margin like goldman sachs will lower economic growth. but the market's are holding up. what is the disconnect? >> a widening of the trade gap has the u.s. importing
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more because they spend more and exports but the year-over-year growth has slowed to 0 percent to barely 2.5 percent today. lori: this is good news? what is the reaction from the market? >> barrett is gross the market does not focus they care about what is happening today. lori: why do people go into stocks when you look at other assets cashier bonds? >> investors expect interest rates will agree main low debt -- indefinitely they believed the bernanke belief through 2015 then the fed will hike the rates the inequities are the best deal in town providing earnings
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to not disappoint. >> next week the forecast is a downdraft secluded disappointing earnings season take the wind out of the sales? >> that is the biggest threat if we have a correction to the strong start. lori: to have a vice? there are so many headwinds and in washington such a overhang. is there a risk? >> bond yields are so low. lori: junk yield is 520 percent. >> several percentage points above 2%. that gap has never been so narrow. maybe there is a stronger
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case to invest in equities. it is not a bad idea to increase exposure to equities on the promise geisha -- premise that the price appreciation of equities will outperform high-yield bonds as well as the investment grade bonds. lori: day by those names? what about technology? >> look at the outlook for economic growth. there is not much of a margin of error. invest conservative and less you can take the above average risk. >> that brings me the next question what about
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inflation. is that a legitimate warning? >> no. they are growing by less than 2%. rising 1/2 of 1%. going 7331 labor costs would grow by 8% with the growth of excess of 70% we're not even close. until wage growth approaches 5% but that will not happen. >> also employment income shows the slest growth since the second world war. consumers lack the purchasing power to sustain a persistent rise from price
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inflation. lori: the deficit crisis crisis, and unemployment, debt to the atp number is the normal. >> with a new treasury secretary who will drive a hard bargain. that does not improve the outlook. lori: you would not vote for him if you have the opportunity? >> i will pass. lori: thank you for coming. another shooting at and school yesterday what drives our kids to bring the guns to school? said treasury secretary picked republicans are not a fan of the man who produced three balanced budgets. three balanced budgets. next. this is $100,000.
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lori: our next guest will talk about the pick to replace treasury secretary tim geithner we will talk about jack lew who has served at the treasury department under clinton and obama. is great to see you again. jack lew claim to fame to create a surplus bet americans are up in arms? >> nobody has a better resonate and jack lew who was an aide to tip o'neill during the reform of social security. republicans are really just playing partisan.
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lori: over the last three years ago with budget director u.s. has run deficits over $8 trillion per year in that rate is of contention with criticism. >> a lot of that's is more partisan fear than reality. one interview that he did when the president proposes budget that spending on government programs would balance with the revenues to equalize. their rubies smaller running deficits but that was the course scope and size issue. they said it is semantics but that is not the case. lori: do they not like him because he is a tough
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negotiator? >> that is part of it. >> except john kerry every nomination is criticized even in hagel is not good enough. so the backdrop of the obama was working in with a first term and dynamics were different but that was a solid choice and we could have huge ffghts ahead of us. >> with the cuts coming he no -- we know he will support the spending increase. republicans argue the days of the surplus are long gone. he is in favor of a total reform? >> isn't that much tougher fight? >> it will be fight right --
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jeff regardless. he has seen it done before. with 1983 james baker sat down with tip o'neill at 9:00 tonight and signed the final agreement. we don't have that environment anymore. maybe that is good for the sunshine law but with intense media scrutiny and day-to-day negotiations it is tougher to get the deal done. i would like for them to go to camp david for one week. lori: with a chance to get spending cuts? will republicans have any leverage? >> there is opportunity to have responsible conversation. lori: that anything done? >> it is possible.
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the budget that was criticized the president has proposed drastic spending cuts and froze discretionary spending over five years not what democrats would be happy about what would follow if there was a deal. it is maybe a little less likely than one year ago but it is possible. lori: meno bernanke will leave at the end of the term. how will that unfolds? >> now -- now they say tim geithner will go to the head of the federal reserve. [laughter] i think he has had his do but it is a close relationship. it is with the entire board and not just the chairman. on lot of people have known them for a long time. lori: who will handicap the
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next fed chief? >> double not speculate. >> you were working with a t.a.r.p. with we heard hank greenberg would sue the government and then the shea said we will not be involved. what is your thoughts? >> when i saw the headline i thought it was a satire peace. we must ensure that they never bailout again. we may have lost an opportunity. >> about the ag current board? >> with old fifth amendment seizure. >> they could say we do not want that environment. lori: we appreciate your
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insight. much more with the jack lew nomination with the the "a team". >> state of emergency new york city lights the flu outbreak. the scary numbers are ahead. florida has s own plan to deal with the snakes. the python challenge. wildly popular created by the $1 billion industry better graphically violent video games making america a violent society? with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ garth ] olaf's small busins earns 2% cash back on every purchase, ery day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards!
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lori: families of the aurora shooting and victims' postponed the arraignment until mid march. holmes was expected to enter a plea but the defense lawyers ask for more time.
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it has been almost six months since he was arrested outside the colorado movie theater. the judge's decision comes one day after he ruled prosecutors have enough evidence to put him on trial. vice-presidential biden is meeting with the task force on gun violence with the psychological impact with violence in video games and movies i am joined by dr. keith -- dr. keith ablow >> this sales of videogames in systems fell 22% over december. why is that? >> it could be with these violent defense. i don't know why sales have fallen. we don't know exposure to violent content is the
8:37 pm
issue. it could be many things including social media and television rushing empathy making us late -- less likely to relate emotionally. lori: did anything come with the gun violence in video games? was it just politics and word play? >> it is politics. gun-control is politics and leaning on the video game industry is politics because it is not the gun or the video game but untraded mental illness. all of these people were under treated were improperly treated or not treated for mental illness. we ought not to posture if videogames mayor may not cause them to act violently
8:38 pm
but nothing like a proper mental health care system. lori: but said desensitization for the numbing from videogames to acting a real violence is happening. >> it does seem to be but any saying it with isolation violent video games caused potential. they are made incendiary. show me the data. take 1,000 people we would hate to find out they actually prevent them from acting out in some proportion. but if you are sick and/or violent dollars to doughnuts
8:39 pm
it will be the kind of care to prevent violence from this mental health care system. unless you have hundreds of thousands to spend. lori: why are the mass shooters boys and not girls? >> there may be a gender difference it could be the estrogen level from the endocrine system but that could change as he abandoned traditional stereotypes and encourage females to act more like a boy and with you to videos of girls beating another girl you are taken aback. but now they do because we have crossed the rubicon and
8:40 pm
maybe violence is the equal opportunity employer of the future. lori: is there a solution? doing need to put more emphasis on the role of parents? how do you bring these together? >> the silver bullet is mental health care treatment. we ought not a reliable system which is the vast majority for proper treatment. we let the hmos get away with murder. insurance companies to route all of the psychiatric patients to the nurses and social workers. not talking them down but we could agree the most seriously mentally ill should be routed to the psychiatrist but the hmo
8:41 pm
will not pay. if you are that sec to be violent the hmoill call every day pretending to want to be part of the team the only energy the unit to throw you out. that is so we have permitted with your insurance you pay for monthly. lori: this is a crisis. >> it is a huge crisis. lori: the president is invited to give the "state of the union" address. author of the book wealth and poverty is here. also our fox news legal analyst here. the deadly flu epidemic the deadly flu epidemic sweeping the nation. [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
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lori: this country is in the grip of the influenza epidemic. 73% of all death last week caused by pneumonia and the flu. 47 states experienced widespread flu activity up from 44 this week. the child death has raised to 20. the flu vaccine is 62% defective almost five than will still get sick if they get the shot. and obama will issue the city of the union address on february 12th just days before the debt ceiling limit. not every politician is as gifted speaker but hit kim cooper fumbled his state of the state address yesterday.
8:46 pm
>> working together we can punch holes -- if jesus. [laughter] it is the crescendo working together, we can punch some pretty vague goals in the darkne. god bless colorado. lori: a great sense of colorado. he got a great laugh. and not just the old boys' club with a critical article with this picture the president meeting with 10 mail advisers but the white house put it this bichir the next day president obama with three female advisers. if you are still outraged now it is president obama
8:47 pm
with three advisers female and three advisers mail trying to call for more diversity. if you are an adrenaline junkie not afraid of snakes before the fish and wildlife conservation commission kicks off the python challenge tomorrow for anyone who wants to hunt down the burmese python as an effort to rid the state of 150,000 non native price since one negative pythons there is every board to $1,000 suit ketches the longest and 1500 to whoever kills the most. peta is not happy and is indifferent to all of the species of the python is eating. negotiating with the talent and the right conclusion in afghanistan?
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lori: the sun is getting started. the "a team" republican strategist john christie, former clinton advisor doug shoen and matt patrick. start with the situation in afghanistan. the president and president karzai holding a joint conference know that the u.s. will back out and drawback troops. and more concerning is to have the allies negotiate
8:52 pm
with the taliban? >> i am disappointed. he said it is a responsible war then his actions i think indicate pretreat. leaving earlier and removing u.s. troops and the objective was not to solidify this seems they know when they can come back. >> not surprisingly i disagree. we're probably pulling out somewhat to quickly. but you have to negotiate with your enemy. i cannot believe that haida is inclusive of the taliban. but if we can have them agree to terms with violence , a supportive democratization we cannot
8:53 pm
afford to say no negotiation ? >> i am not as optimistic. there is no way to negotiate. the idea of the taliban office and patter? -- katar? we are cutting out too early. that is what this president does. if we don't fight this war the way it needs to be fought, a stop shedding blood the president was never in this to win. lori: what about the war in afghanistan was it worth the time? >> for me to say that it is not worth the lives lost is to disparage them but unfortunately i wish it was
8:54 pm
fought by generals visited bureaucrats. >> that is right. i agree every american and life that was lost to us -- was
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lori: okay. we're back with the a-team. want to switch gears, now we're talking about afghanistan. let's talk about the vice president meeting with these video game makers today. doug, do you think anything productive came of that meeting, the linking of video games and the desensitizing leading to real violence? >> well, i think it's a connection that is yet to be fully established, but that being said, anything that tones
8:58 pm
down violent video games is good for the society, good for the culture and may reduce gun violence, so i think it's a step in the right direction. lori: ron, dr. ablow said people are not getting the help they need. >> i think that's partially it. we immediate to have mental health -- we need to have mental health parity. but, look, we have an open market society. i think parents need to take control. i'm a gamer, i know it's surprising. [lghter] lori: i heard you're a threat. >> parents need to see what their kids are watching and playing and make sure those violent video games aren't in the hands of children. lori: retail sales down 22% in just the month of december. do you think there's a connection, matt? >> no, i really don't, and i don't think video games are the culprit here. we're always looking for the 800-pound gorilla. we need to take personal responsibility for thingings. i think there could be lots of
8:59 pm
reasons why video game sales are down. it could be because they're very expensive. but, frankly, i don't think video games are to blame any more than we can blame hollywood movies, and i'd love to blame hollywood, i would. but you can't. persal responsibility. and dr. ablow, i feel, was also correct about mental illnesses. we've got to take away some of the stigma with mental illnesses, and i think that's a good place to start. video games, i think we're way off track with that. lori: let's talk about the cabinet picks. it seems like every person the president is nominating, rn, is controversial and is going to face a fight in congress. who do you want to start with, hagel, jack lew? [laughter] what do you think of these guys? >> everyone's going to jump on the hague l bandwagon. jack lew has been the head of the office of management and budget which is responsible for putting forth the president's budget to the congress. they have said repeatedly, oh, we're on a path to sustainability, we're going to actually take the money in and spend it. they've had a


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